Digital UV Radiometer / Photometer

AccuMAX Digital UV Radiometer / Photometer

Providing accurate readouts for UV irradiance, visible luminance or luminance light readings. When equipped with an interchangeable sensor detector, Spectroline AccuMAX readout units can be used to perform fluorescent inspection (intensity check through normal operation) and UV dosing (energy check through integration operation).

Both the XR-1000 and XF-1000 readout units feature a sleek design and rugged housing, maximum 4-digit auto ranging display and an easy-to-read 3 inch monochrome LCD screen with icons and alphanumeric display. Spectroline AccuMAX readout units are housed in durable polycarbonate and are lightweight, battery-operated and portable. They feature solid state electro-optical circuitry for long, trouble free operation and minimal maintenance. A removable, rubber protective boot for the meter is included.

Sensor Detectors
Spectroline AccuMAX sensor detectors are designed to meet virtually any laboratory, life science or speciality UV application. These detectors feature water-resistant, sealed sensor housings, superior band pass interference filters and excellent cosine response. Single-wavelength detectors are available in both standard range (XS-series), ideal for checking the intensity of fluorescent UV tubes and HID UV bulbs, and extended range (XTS-series), useful for measuring high-intensity light sources used in curing and photo activation applications.

Also available are a single-wavelength visible luminance detector (XS-555/I) and a luminance detector (XS-555/L). In addition, a dual-wavelength UV/VIS sensor detector (XDS-1000) is available to measure both UV-A and visible light which can be useful for industrial inspections. All sensors can easily be connected to the readout unit either directly or with a standard USB cable. A special 1.5 m USB cable with water-resistant adapter (XCB-100) is available as an accessory.

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