Spectroline UV Eprom Erasers


Spectroline Desktop UV Eprom Erasers

The PE-Series Spectroline UV EPROM erasing lamps are specially designed for personal and small-system users. These lamps are the most economical choice for fast and complete EPROM erasure. They are recommended by leading computer programmer and EPROM chip manufacturers throughout the world.

In as little as 11 to 13 minutes, you can completely erase the programmed memories of up to 9 to 12 EPROM chips. High intensities are ensured with powerful short wave UV (254nm) tubes and specially designed specular aluminium reflectors. The PE-140T and PE-240T feature the added convenience of a 60-minute timer for automatic unit shut-off. And because all PE-Series erasers are equipped with a conductive foam pad, your valuable EPROM chips are protected from damaging electrostatic charge.

PE-Series lamps also feature numerous operator safeguards. The UV tubes are fully shielded within an attractive aluminium housing with built-in light indicators to signal when the tubes are lit. A safety interlock prevents the units from operating when open or improperly closed, thus protecting users from accidental exposure to potentially dangerous UV.

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