Spectroline UV Eprom Erasers

Large Capacity

Spectroline Large Capacity UV Eprom Erasers

The Spectroline PC-Series UV EPROM Erasing Cabinets are specially designed for high-volume production requirements. They provide up to four times the throughput of competitive systems. These large capacity cabinets accommodate PC boards. In as little as 5½ minutes (based on 6W-sec/cm2 EPROMS), high-intensity short wave UV (254nm) grid lamps completely erase programmed memories. The quartz grids are mounted on a specular aluminium reflector, providing a typical peak intensity of 18,5000µW/cm2. These 20.3 x 20.3cm modular assemblies feature a special drop-in design which makes replacement quick and easy.

Depending on the cabinet, erasing capacities range from 84 to 336 EPROMs, as well as varying quantities of silicon wafers, metric cards, and PC boards. In addition, the PC-3300A and PC-4400A will accommodate open-face stocking tubes. The cabinets are attractively styled with anodized aluminium housings for rugged durability and may be stacked to save bench space. They have a 60-minute time which automatically shuts off operation at the end of the erasing cycle. PC-Series EPROM erasers also feature numerous safeguards to protect both the user and the devices. Built-in light indicators signal when the grids are lit, and a safety interlock prevents operation unless the loading drawer is fully closed. Thus, the user cannot be accidentally exposed to harmful UV.

Chamber temperature is controlled by powerful internal cooling fans, maintaining maximum UV intensity and prolonged grid life. The cabinet drawer contains a tray insert which is adjustable to varying heights to ensure optimum exposure. A conductive foam pad protects valuable devices from electrostatic build-up.

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