Sanitisation and Sanitary Inspection

Long Wave UV lamps can be used to inspect guest rooms, toilets, food preparation surfaces and equipment, fitness areas, pools, saunas and spas. Ultraviolet visual inspection uses long-wave UV lamps to detect and reveal previously invisible soils, contamination and microbial growths.

Short wave UV lamps can be used to sanitize bathroom fixtures, food prep and health care areas and to destroy germs on "disease transfer points" such as handrails, elevator buttons, office machines, door knobs, drinking fountains, telephones and exercise equipment. Ultraviolet disinfection uses short-wave (germicidal) UV lamps to sanitize germs, bacteria and viruses.

UV Lamps are used extensively for verifying and improving cleanliness and sanitation in many important areas. They are widely used by hospitality, health care, food service and government agencies. UVMAN offer Spectroline UV lamps that provide the proven solution for both sanitary inspection and disinfection applications.

Sanitisation and Sanitary Inspection

MiniMAX Battery UV Lamps

UVMAN Ultraviolet Products | Spectroline MiniMAX Battery Lamps

The Spectroline MiniMAX series of battery operated lamps offer portability and versatility. This series of lamps offers a wide range of models for every application. They cover long wave UV, short wave UV and mid range UV. Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible.

The B-260 Long Wave Battery UV Lamp

UVMAN Ultraviolet Products | The Spectroline B-260 Long Wave Battery Lamp

The economical Spectroline B-260 long wave UV lamp is precision engineered to give you super performance for many years.

The DeGERMinator UV Sanitiser

UVMAN Ultraviolet Products | The Spectroline DeGERMinator UV Sanitiser

This amazing device will kill a wide range of disease-causing bacteria and viruses — in just seconds! Protect yourself against Influenza, E.Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Hepatitis and much more! Use it to sanitize telephones and mobile phones, toilet seats and flush handles, computer mouse devices and keyboards, plastic toys, door knobs and many other commonly contaminated surfaces. Also safely purify drinking water.

CellBlaster UV Mobile Phone Sanitiser

UVMAN | UV Products Supplier | CellBlaster UV Mobile Phone Sanitiser

The CellBlaster "blasts away" germs, bacteria and viruses on virtually any hand-held personal device — in just 30 seconds!