Spectroline UV Transilluminators

Spectroline UV Transilluminators

UVMAN offers an extensive range of Spectroline Transilluminators.

Exceptional Performance - Unsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity clearly reveal what other brands may miss — even trace amounts of DNA!

LONGLIFE™ Filter Glass Solarisation is inhibited up to 50 times longer than conventional filters, extending filter life and saving you money.

Powerful Cooling Fan - Maintains low filter glass temperature eliminating decreased intensity and sample-damaging surface heat buildup.

Special Diffusing Screen - Providing unmatched irradiance uniformity. All 312nm and 365nm models are equipped with a removable, polymer-based diffusing screen attached below the filter ensuring superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes.

Longest Sample Preparation Time and Maximum Sensitivity! - For maximum sample protection during the preparation stage. Spectroline TV-series variable-intensity UV Transilluminators are continuously adjustable anywhere from 100% all the way down to 20% (50% in the case of TVD-1000R dual-light transilluminator). They can then be raised to whatever level is needed for the clearest analysis.

Smooth, Easy-to-Clean Filter Frames - Reduces the chance of gel damage or contamination.

Automatic Shut-Off Timers - Prevent UV overexposure (Standard TC- and TL-Series only).

Minimise Photodamage - Spectroline 312nm UV Transilluminators virtually eliminate transmission of destructive 254nm radiation, so there is minimal photobleaching, photonicking and photodimerisation. Testing becomes faster and easier since samples last much longer.

Choose from:

Bi-O-Vision Series - Variable intensity UV / white transilluminators

Standard Series - Short wave, long wave and mid range UV Transilluminators

Slimline series - Slim size models for long, short or mid range applications

Select Series - Single and dual wavelength model UV Transilluminators

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