15 November 2011

Universal UV Mobile Phone Sanitiser Eliminates Germs in Seconds!

The CellBlaster™ is the world's first universal UV cell phone sanitizer. It uses powerful germicidal UV light to "blast away" germs, bacteria and viruses on virtually any hand-held personal device — in just 30 seconds! The CellBlaster's universal design works with all types of mobile phones, including flip phones, slider phones, BlackBerry devices, iPhones and other smartphones, as well as PDAs, iPods, MP3 players and more.

When kept in pockets, handbags and briefcases, mobile phones and other hand-held personal devices retain moisture and warmth, becoming a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms. In fact, the average mobile phone contains more germs than a typical toilet seat!

With a CellBlaster you can increase your chances of protection by simply 'blasting' away germs, bacteria and viruses Its short-wave UV light kills Strep, Staph, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, the H1N1 flu virus and much more.

The CellBlaster is easy to use. Simply insert the device and close the cover — sanitising begins immediately and finishes in just 30 seconds! The extra-long, ultra-powerful germicidal UV tube and super-reflective scanning bed eliminate 99.9% of pathogens.

See more about this amazing new product at www.cellblaster.net.

For more information about the CellBlaster or to place an order, call 0843 289 4844. Website at www.uvman.co.uk

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