Forensics / Inspection

Ultraviolet light is the band of wavelengths between visible light and x-rays. Many materials naturally fluoresce, or glow, when exposed to UV light. This phenomenon can be used to positively identify many different types of evidence that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Ultraviolet and UV/Blue light lamps make ideal tools for forensic investigation within a wide-range of specialties, including:

  • Latent Fingerprint Examinations – UV and UV/Blue light lamps enable crime scene investigators and forensic labs to see prints that were developed with fluorescent materials
  • Sex Crime Investigations – UV light makes seminal fluids glow brightly
  • Counterfeit Document Verification – Driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards and many UV lamps that cause the markings to fluoresce
  • Arson Investigation – Fire inspectors can actually see residual accelerant that has not been consumed by a fire. Under UV light, splash marks from chemical fuels on walls, furniture and carpets become instantly visible
  • Stolen Vehicle Examinations – Telltale “footprints” of illegally removed 3M VIN labels from major auto parts are readily visible under UV light
  • Automotive Accident Analysis – After a collision, investigators can determine how fast a vehicle was moving at impact by checking the fluorescent imprint that its odometer needle leaves