Ultra Violet products for the Laboratory

UVMAN offer a very wide range of Spectroline UV products for the laboratory.


UVMAN offers an extensive range of Spectroline Transilluminators in your choice of fixed- or variable-intensity models. Choose from various combinations of UV (312nm, 254nm and/or 365nm) as well as white light.


Microprocessor-controlled Spectroline UV crosslinkers offer both unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Fully automated operation modes provide exact UV samples application, whether it’s membrane binding or UV dosing.

UV Viewing Cabinets

For superior fluorescence analysis and photo documentation.

UV Lamps

An extensive range of mains operated and battery operated Spectroline UV lamps for all applications.

UV Protective Eye and Face Wear

Safety from UV exposure is of paramount importance. At UVMAN we offer a range of Spectroline products for personal protection from the harmful rays of ultra-violet light.

UV Digital Radiometer

The measurement of UV radiation is important in many areas to either quantify the level of a hazard or for calibration purposes. UVMAN offer two solutions in the form of digital radiometers.